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Inviting Clients

Roles That Can Invite Clients: Admin, Owner

Clients don't need to sign up to Zendo in order to work with you. They can stick to their email and send their messages from the comfort of their inbox. But if they'd like to keep a closer eye on their requests, you can easily invite them to the platform. Your choice!

To invite your clients:
Go to the Clients tab, found on the far left side,

clients tab

Click on the "Invite" button right next to the "Clients" heading,
A pop-up will appear. In the "Invite with email" field, write down as many emails as you need,
Click on the "Send invites" button to save.

inviting clients

All clients that have accepted your invitations and signed up to the workspace will show up on the clients' list.

If you'd like a more direct approach, you can simply send a link to your workspace as well.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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