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Inviting Members

Roles That Can Invite Team Members: Owner, Admin

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How To Invite New Members
Available Seats In Subscription Plans
Limit Reached

How To Invite New Members

The number of team members you can invite depends on your subscription plan. More on that below.

Select Workspace on the left sidebar under Settings & Customization,
Choose Team from the drop-down menu,
In the new tab, select the "Invite team members" button in the top right corner,

In the popup window, choose the default role of your invited team members, either Agent or Watcher. You can change their role & permission levels later on,
Next, you can either copy the invitation link to send it to your team members yourself, or you can send invitation links through Zendo by entering the email address in the "Invite with email" field and selecting the "Send invites" button. You can send multiple invitations at once.

Available Seats In Subscription Plans

1 internal user2 internal users*unlimited
2 watchers per internal userunlimited

*In the Pro plan, additional seats can be bought individually. To learn more about seat limits, read this article.

Limit Reached

If you've reached the limit of available seats, the inviting team members pop-up will inform you of that. In that case, you can either deactivate unused team members to gain back active seats or purchase more seats for your workspace. To learn how to purchase more seats, read this article.

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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