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Inviting Members

Roles That Can Invite Team Members: Owner, Admin

Inviting Members

Work without your colleagues doesn’t seem that appealing? Invite them to work with you in Zendo! Don’t be selfish! 😉

To invite your teammates, go to Settings > Team.

team tab

Right next to the "Team" header, you'll find an "Invite team members" button.

There are two ways you can invite people, either with an email or an invitation link.

Make sure to check which role they should receive when they accept the invitation.

You can choose between a paid full member option (the role by default is set to Agent, though a different role can be assigned) or a free Watcher.

Remember that if you're on the Starter plan, the limit of free Agents is two (including yourself).

inviting team members

Available Seats

The Available Seats label, visible on the left-side of the search bar in Settings > Team shows how many seats are you currently using and how many more can you purchase. On the left, you'll see the number of added seats in your workspace, on the right, you'll see the maximum number of seats you can purchase on your plan.

Note that adding a new team member with a role Agent or higher adds a new seat to your billing. You are billed for Zendo on the basis of active seats, paying per user.

The only exception is the free forever Starter plan that includes 2 users (including yourself), for free.

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Updated on: 01/08/2023

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