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Seat Limits

In this article, you'll learn about seat limits in Zendo.

Charged Per Seat

Users are billed for Zendo on the basis of active seats they have in their workspace, being charged per user.

Seats In The Starter Plan

The Starter plan includes 2 seats (including the workspace Owner), free of charge.

Seats In The Growth Plan

The Growth plan allows you to purchase up to 100 seats.

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How To Check How Many Seats I Have?

You can check how many seats you have currently active by going to Settings > Team and checking the Seats taken label or by looking directly at the table listing your team members added to Zendo.

The Seats taken label, visible next to the search bar in Settings > Team shows how many seats are you currently using.

Note that users on the free forever Starter plan see a different label. Namely, an Available seats 2/2 label since the limit for users on the Starter plan is 2. To add more users, upgrade to a paid plan.

How To Add More Seats?

To add more seats to your workspace, simply invite new team members to Zendo.

You can learn how to invite new team members in this article.

Note that adding a new team member with a role Agent or higher adds a new seat to your billing.

You can read more about the different roles Zendo supports, here.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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