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Seat Limits

In this article, you'll learn about seat limits in Zendo.

Different Plan, Different Seat Limit

Zendo offers three subscription plans: Essential (free), Pro, and Max (paid).

Depending on the plan you choose, you'll have different seat limits.

What Is A Seat?

A seat in Zendo is any internal user that operates the workspace. From Owners to Agents.
You can learn about the different Roles & Permissions here.

Clients do not count as seats. You can have unlimited clients no matter the plan you're on.

What Is A Watcher?

A Watcher is a passive role that can be used for overseeing assigned Requests.

A Watcher is not a seat in Zendo.

Users on the Essential plan do not have any Watchers available.
Users on the Pro plan get double the amount of Watchers per each seat added, with 4 Watchers available in the base price.
Users on the Max plan get unlimited Watchers.

Seats In The Essential Plan

The Essential plan includes 1 seat, free of charge.

The Essential plan does not allow for purchasing additional seats.
The Essential plan does not include any Watchers.

Seats In The Pro Plan

The Pro plan includes 2 seats & 4 Watchers in its base price and allows you to purchase additional seats.

For each seat on the Pro plan, you'll get double the amount of Watchers.
1 seat = 2 wacthers added.

The additional seats on the Pro plan cost $9.50 per user on annual billing and $19 per user on monthly billing.

To learn more about Plans & Billing in Zendo, read this article.

Seats In The Max Plan

The Max plan offers unlimited seats & unlimited Watchers in its base price.

How To Check How Many Seats I Have?

You can check how many seats you have currently active by going to Workspace > Team, under Settings & Customization on the left sidebar, and checking the Internal users label or by looking directly at the table listing your team members added to Zendo.

The Internal users label, visible next to the Team header in Workspace > Team shows how many seats you're currently using.
The Watchers label, visible next to the Internal users label shows how many Watchers you're currently using.

Note that users on the free forever Essential plan will not see the Watchers label since Watchers are not available on the free plan.

Alternatively, you can also go to Workspace > Billing & Usage, under Settings & Customization to check how many active seats you have on your workspace.

How To Add More Seats?

To add more seats to your workspace, head either to the Team section or the Billing & Usage section, and select the "Add seats" option.
You'll be taken directly to Stripe's checkout to add more seats to your plan.

Please note that adding seats is only available for users on the Pro plan. The Essential plan does not allow for adding more seats to your workspace, while the Max plan comes with unlimited seats to use.

Once you've added more seats to your workspace, you can simply invite new team members through the Team tab.

You can learn all about inviting new team members in this article.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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