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Roles And Permissions

Roles That Can Assign Roles And Permissions: Admin, Owner

There are five roles that can be assigned in Zendo: Watcher, Agent, Manager, Admin and Owner. Out of these roles, only watchers don't count as seats in your plan.

To learn more about seats, read this article.

Connect Custom Domain
Manage subscription plans
Create Requests
View Requests they’re assigned to
Interact with Requests they’re assigned to
View and interact with all Requests
Delete Requests
Edit and remove sent messages
Access and see notes
Issue a Quote
Issue an Invoice
Create & edit Workflows
Create & edit Statuses
Create & edit Custom Fields
Create & edit Form Fields
Create & edit Services
Create & edit Forms
Create & edit Order Page
Team Management
Invite Team Members
Assign & edit roles
Client Management
Invite Clients
Access & edit Client Profile
Impersonate Clients
Impersonate Agents & Watchers
Impersonate Managers
Impersonate Admins
Impersonate Owners

To change the role of a team member:

Find Settings & Customization on the left-hand side panel and select Workspace,
Select Team from the drop-down menu,
On the new page, find the team member whose role you'd like to change and select the three dots in the Actions column on the right,
Select Change role from the drop-down menu,

In the popup window, choose the role you want to assign and select the "Save changes" button.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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