In this section, you'll learn the important information about roles and permissions.

Roles that can access and manage the contents of the section: Owner, Admin

Roles and Permissions

There are few types of roles that define permissions:


The role of a watcher allows the user to see all the information from a request they are added to, however they cannot make any changes to it or send messages. This role also doesn’t count as a seat in your plan.


Agents can interact with requests they are assigned to, but they cannot delete them. They can impersonate clients.


Manager has access to all requests and can also assign them. The role cannot modify the platform or add team members. They can also impersonate clients and other managers.


Admin's permissions are almost the same as the owner, but the role cannot manage the subscription plan. They can also impersonate clients and other admins.


Owner has all the permissions granted. They can also impersonate clients and other owners.

If you want to change the role of one of your teammates, follow these steps.

Go to Settings > Team
Click on the three dots icon on the right side of the member whose role you would like to change
There, you can change role, impersonate, or deactivate account
Click on the change role icon
You'll see a following window

Changing account role

Please note that you'll be charged for each additional user with an assigned role (with the exception of the watcher).

Please bear in mind that we currently don't support custom roles and permissions. If you'd like us to add such features, please add it to this list and make sure to upvote if it already exists.
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