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Client Profile

This section will explain how to access client profiles and what information you can find there.

Roles That Can Access And Manage Client Profiles: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

Client Profile

To access the client profile, click on the name of the client or on their avatar on the right sidebar in Requests.

accessing client profile

Alternatively, you can also go to the Clients tab, which can be found on the left sidebar (the people icon). After clicking on it, you'll see a new page with a list of your clients. Click on the client you want to see the profile of.

You'll be taken to the specific client's profile, where you can see all the information pertaining to the user, such as Invoice Details and Profile Info on the right, under the client's avatar.

The profile itself is divided into three sections:

Requests — where you can see all the Requests that involve this specific client (note that Watchers and Agents only see the Requests they're assigned to; Managers and up see all Requests)
Files — where you can see, download, and delete all the files that were shared with or by this specific client,
Notes — where anyone from your team can read and post notes that are invisibile to this specific client.

client profile

From the Client Profile, you can also impersonate this specific client by clicking on the ninja icon right next to the client's avatar. To learn more about impersonation, read this article.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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