This section will tell you everything about sending estimations.

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Sending Estimations

Apart from messages or notes you can also send estimations to your customers. With this feature, your customers are able to pay you instantly for your service without leaving the chat.

Sending estimations

To send an estimation enter the request and click on the Estimate button above the text field.
All payments are processed by Stripe. To learn how to connect your Stripe account please read this.

Estimations include only a price. After transaction, you'll be automatically informed when the payment is made.

Even though you can send multiple estimations, the customer can only make one payment inside each request. In a case of sending multiple estimations, only the newest one will be active.

If you need your client to make multiple payments, please divide them into separate requests. You can create requests for your customers by impersonating them.

If you want to refund a payment you can do it from your Stripe account. To make it easier, we have added a direct link to the Stripe refund request on the right information panel.

How to get a refund?
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