This section will cover all you need to know about statuses.

Roles that can use this feature: Owner, Admin


Statuses are an integral part of Zendo as they help your teammates and customers to remain on the same page. They indicate the progress of the request, i.e. on what stage of development the request is.

To edit or add available statuses, go to Settings > Statuses. You can find them in the submenu of the cog icon.

How to access statuses

After accessing the "Statuses" settings, you will be met by the list of available ones.

To create a new status, click on the "New status" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Create a new status

You'll see a window with available options for statuses.

New status

As you can see, a status consists of:


If you want to choose a custom color, you can do that by checking the “Set advanced color” toggle.

Using statuses in request types

To see which statuses are available inside each request type, go to Settings > Request Types.

If you want to learn more about request types, read this.
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