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Role Than Can Manage Quotes Settings: Owner

Roles That Can Issue Quotes: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

Before working on your first Quote in Zendo, there are a few settings you need to take care of.

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Finances Settings
When Are Quotes Sent Automatically?
How To Issue A New Quote Manually?
How Do Quotes Reach Clients?
Where Can I Find My Quotes?
Can Quotes Be Edited?
Example Quote

Finances Settings

Select Workspace from the left-side panel and choose Finances from the drop-down menu,
in the General settings tab:

set the default settings — choose your currency, set the default tax value, and the default payment deadline for Quotes,

upload a logo — select or drop JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or WEBP to set a logo for your Quotes & Invoices. Upload an image no bigger than 200px in height,

choose a documents numbering format — choose from three numbering options: ##/DD/MM/YYYY, ##/MM/YYYY, and ##/YYYY for the Quotes and Invoices issued in Zendo. The "##" represents a number each issued document will have, starting from "01",

customize your Quotes — add the prefix and suffix for the Quotes to further customize the numbering of your documents. The prefix precedes the selected numbering, while the suffix comes after the selected numbering.


document numbering: ##/DD/MM/YYYY
prefix: QT
suffix: AGENCY


select the "Save changes" button to save the settings,
switch the tab to Payment methods and add your payment methods,

You can:

connect a Stripe account,
add manual payment options.

Learn more about connecting Stripe here.
Learn more about adding manual payments here.

switch the tab to Seller details, and:

fill out the required fields: first & last name or company name, as well as country, and ZIP code,
select the "Save changes" button to save the entered details.

If you want your Quotes to include additional details, fill out the unrequired fields as well, like your address or Tax ID.

When Are Quotes Sent Automatically?

Quotes are sent automatically when clients submit a request for a service that’s fully defined (productized service).

In turn, you can create Quotes manually for productized, custom, and free services by selecting the Create new Quote button in the right-hand info panel next to each Request chat box.

Requests submitted for subscription services don't allow for creating new Quotes.

How To Issue A New Quote Manually?

To issue a new Quote manually:

choose the Request you want to issue a Quote in,
find the Request details panel on the right,
select the "Create new quote" button found under the clients' details and the impersonation feature,

on the new page, choose an existing Service you want to add to your Quote or name the Quote as you wish and add any items manually,

Choosing a Service acts as a template, adding exisiting service items to a given Quote. You can treat it as your baseline and add and delete items from the selected Service template.

set the payment due date,

The Issue Date is automatically set for the date you’re creating the Quote on.

next, check the seller & client's details and edit any of your information if necessary,

scroll down to find the Items heading and add the items of your Quote,

Here you can:

name each item you're adding,
set the preferred quantity,
set the price,
delete items,
check the net total,
check the gross total if you enable and set preferred tax value for each item.

If you’ve added a Service from the already existing ones, all details, such as the price or the tax-related values, will automatically be copied.

scroll down to the finances settings where you can:

choose the currency,
enable tax support,
choose the preferred payment method for the Quote,
choose whether the invoice should be issued automatically after payment or never.

send your Quote,

You can:

send the created Quote to the client immediately,
ask the client for Quote approval,

save the Quote as a draft to be sent and/or edited later on.

A draft Quote is not visible to clients.

How Do Quotes Reach Clients?

Sent Quotes land in the Request’s chat box as a separate message and in the client’s email inbox as a PDF file.

Clients can view and download received Quotes.

Where Can I Find My Quotes?

To check on the issued Quotes, go to the Documents tab found on the left-hand side panel.

On the new page, you’ll get an overview of the Quotes’ names, clients each Quote has been created for, their status, price, and issue date. You can also view Quotes, download them, and view them in connected Requests.

Can Quotes Be Edited?

You can fully edit issued Quotes in two cases:

Quotes saved as a draft,

To edit a Quote saved as draft, select the "Edit draft" button on the Quote's message.

Quotes sent to clients for approval before being approved or rejected by the client.

To edit a Quote sent to client for approval, select the "Edit" text link on the sent Quote.

For otherwise issued Quotes, you can change their name and Seller's details by selecting the eye icon next to the selected Quote, and editing the mentioned details in the Quote's view.

Clients cannot edit received Quotes.

Example Quote

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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