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Web Browser Notifications

Roles That Can Enable Web Browser Notifications: Client, Watcher, Agent, Admin, Manager, Owner

Every Zendo user, including clients, needs to enable web browser notifications in their Account Settings individually. That’s because each user needs to allow the web browser notifications in their own browser.

Web browser notifications do not require you to be active on the tab with your workspace, you just have to have it open. You can be active on a different tab or have the Zendo tab minimized, and still receive the notifications.

Owners can set default notification settings for their workspace. If you don’t change your personal settings, you’ll be receiving notifications accordingly with the Owner default settings for that workspace.

To learn more about Zendo notifications settings, read this article.

How To Enable Web Browser Notifications?

Select Account Settings located on the bottom of the left sidebar,
On the new page, switch to the Notifications tab,
Select the "Enable" button in the yellow box at the top of the page,
This action should prompt your browser's popup to show up, asking to allow or block web browser notifications from Zendo. Select Allow,

Lastly, you can specify which actions you want to be notified of by ticking on and off the boxes.

Alternatively, you can access your notification settings by selecting Notifications tab on the leftside panel and selecting the cog icon in the popup window.

What Happens If I Block The Web Browser Notifications?

If you select the Block option in the browser’s popup, you’ll see a disclaimer that you have blocked the web browser notifications in your workspace in the Notifications tab of Account Settings.

How Can I Change My Preferences After Enabling/Blocking Web Browser Notifications?

If you have changed your mind after either enabling or blocking web browser notifications and want to reverse such action, you’ll have to reset your browser’s permissions in your web browser's settings.

The steps to do that may differ depending on your browser.

What To Do If I Don’t See The Enable Button?

If you don’t see the Enable button, try resetting your browser’s permissions in the settings of your browser. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you need further assistance.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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