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Web Browser Notifications

Roles That Can Enable Web Browser Notifications: Client, Watcher, Agent, Admin, Manager, Owner

Note that every Zendo user needs to enable the web browser notifications in their Account Settings individually. That’s because each user needs to allow the web browser notifications in their own browser.

Clients can also enable web browser notifications in the Account Settings of their profile.

How To Enable Web Browser Notifications?

To enable web browser notifications in Zendo, click on your profile picture icon located on the bottom of the left-side panel.

Next, click on Account Settings and switch the tab from General to Notifications.

Right above the settings, you’ll find an Enable button.

Click on the Enable button to reveal your browser’s popup asking you whether you’d like to allow or block web browser notifications from Zendo.

If you click Allow, your browser will now be showing you web browser notifications coming from your Zendo workspace.

You can specify which actions you want to be notified about in the Account Settings > Notifications. For example, you can choose to receive web browser notifications for every new message or status change.

And if you head to Account Settings > Notifications, you’ll see that the Enable button is no longer visible. Instead, you’ll see the Manage the notifications settings title.

Web browser notifications do not require you to be active on the tab with your workspace, you just have to have it open. You can be active on a different tab or have the Zendo tab minimized, and still receive the notifications.

Owners can set default notification settings for their workspace. If you don’t change your personal settings in the Account Settings, you’ll be receiving notifications accordingly with the Owner default settings for that workspace.

You can learn more about Zendo notifications settings here.

What Happens If I Block The Web Browser Notifications?

If you click on the Block option in the browser’s popup, you’ll see a disclaimer that you have blocked the web browser notifications on your workspace in the Account Settings > Notifications tab.

How Can I Change My Preferences After Enabling/Blocking Web Browser Notifications?

If you have changed your mind after either enabling or blocking web browser notifications and want to reverse such action, you’ll have to reset your browser’s permissions in the settings of your browser.

The steps to do that may differ depending on your browser.

What To Do If I Don’t See The Enable Button?

If you don’t see the Enable button, try resetting your browser’s permissions in the settings of your browser.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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