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Workspace Access

Learn how to configure your workspace's access settings to decide who can access your workspace and the client-facing URLs.

The Role That Can Change The Workspace Access Settings: Owner

How To Change The Workspace Access Settings?

First, find Settings & Customization on the left sidebar, and click Workspace to reveal the drop-down options. Then, choose General and stay in the Essentials tab.

Scroll down to find Workspace access.

Next, click the drop-down arrow under the Access options to reveal the settings from the drop-down list.

Choose the access option that you want to use for your workspace:

Only invitied users

If you choose "Everyone", any person with a link to your Zendo workspace will be able to create an account and access it, as well as reach the client-facing URLs, like your Service Catalog.

If you choose "Only invited users", it will restrict uninvited users from accessing your workspace or any client-facing URLs, like your Service Catalog.

How To Invite Customers To Zendo?

To invite your customers to Zendo, find the Clients tab on the left sidebar and click on it.

Next, click on the Invite button located at the top of the Clients tab.

Then, type in or paste in your customers’ email addresses and click the Send invite button.

You can type in or paste in multiple email addresses at once.

Your clients will receive the invitation to your Zendo workspace on their email inbox.

Alternatively, you can copy the invitation link from the Clients tab, and share it with your clients.

You can learn more about inviting clients to Zendo here.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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