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Messages And Notes

In this section, we'll explain messages and notes in detail.

Roles That Can Send Messages And Notes: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

Messages and notes are the two basic means of communication with your customers and teammates. When it comes to messages, they can be seen by anyone.

Notes, on the other hand, are internal and cannot be seen by customers. They're only visible to the platform operators. You can switch between the messages and notes in the chat window to easily filter and find relevant information.

messages, notes & mentions

To send a message or a note:
Go to Requests by clicking on the balloon icon on the left sidebar,
Find a conversation thread that you want to send a message in,
Find the field at the bottom of the page that's divided into two tabs: Reply and Note,
Type in your message in the correct tab and click on the paper plane icon in the bottom right to send it.

Note that Agents have a limited time window to edit their message. They have 15 minutes to start editing their message, and then they have 4 hours for the edition itself. Meanwhile, Managers, Admins, and Owners can edit their messages anytime.

Additionally, you can mention your team members by using the @ sign. Once typed in the chat, you’ll see a list of names to pick from. Of course, you can also just type the whole name yourself.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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