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Views Manager

This section is here to help you learn all about the Views Manager feature.

Roles That Can Create Global Views: Manager, Admin, Owner

Roles That Can Create Private Views: Watcher, Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

The Views Manager feature makes it possible to save your favorite view of your Requests and get back to that specific configuration later on.

You can add both private and global Views to use throughout your workspace.

How To Add A New View?

To add a new View to your Zendo workspace, first, filter out your Requests how you wish the view to be saved.

You can filter out the Requests by Status, Workflow, or Service, but also using the List, Table, and Kanban views, or simply by unread/read and open/archived filters. [information]

You can learn more about filtering the Requests in Zendo here.

Let’s say you want to add a private View for all your productized services in a table view. Configure that setting by clicking on the funnel icon and filtering out your Requests by productized services. Then choose Table from the top panel to view the Requests in a table format.

Now that you have that specific view configured, click on the Create View button located in the top right corner of your workspace and:

Set the new View’s name
Set if you want the new View to be private or global

Private Views are available only to you, while global Views are available to everyone on your team.

Next, click the Create View button to add the new view created.

How To Find The Views I’ve Created?

To find the Views you’ve created, click on the dashboard icon located on the left-hand panel of your Zendo workspace, right under the chat icon.

Your Views panel will pop up, showing a list of all your global and private Views.

The last step is to choose the View you want to see your Requests presented in.

Note that Agents and Watchers can only create Private Views.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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