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Request Archiving

This article will help you learn how to use the Archiving feature in Zendo.

Roles That Can Archive Requests: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

There are too many Requests hanging on your workspace?

No worries!

You can now archive unwanted, resolved, and old Requests with a click of the button using the Archiving feature.

How To Archive A Request In Zendo?

To archive an unneeded Request in Zendo, choose the Request you want to archive by clicking on it to reveal the chat box.

Next, click on the file box icon located in the top right corner of the chat window and your Request will automatically be archived.

How To Find Archived Requests?

To see your archived Requests, click on the sliders icon located on the top bar, right next to the search bar.

Filtering options will pop up. Now, select Archived requests and all your archived Requests will now be visible.

To save that filter configuration for future use, save this View as a private or global one using the Views Manager feature by hitting the Create View button.

How To Restore Archived Requests?

Filter out your Requests to show the archived Requests and choose the Request you’d like to restore.

Click on it to reveal the chat window and find the open box icon located in the top right corner of the chat box. Click on it and your Request will automatically be restored.

Archived Requests: Client’s View

Note that if you archive a Request, your clients will no longer be able to view that Request.

The archived Request disappears from the clients’ list of Requests and is no longer available to be viewed by them in your Zendo workspace.

In case one of your clients reaches out to see an archived Request, you can always find that Request as we described it in the How To Find Archived Requests section of this article, and restore that Request for the client to view it again.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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