In this section, you'll learn how to register your account on the Zendo platform.

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Registering on Zendo

To register on Zendo, please provide the following information:

Signing up

After filling out the details, carefully read the Terms & Conditions and agree. You can additionally agree to emails showcasing new Zendo features or special offers.

Next, click on the “Sign up” button. You will have to confirm the registration by typing in the 6-digit code that we’ve sent to your email address. Make sure to enter the code promptly as it expires quickly.

And done! Now what’s left for you to do is to log in to your newly created Zendo profile.

Creating a Workspace

You will be met by the welcoming screen. After continuing, you'll be asked to add a workspace name of your choosing.

Bear in mind that offensive names are prohibited.

Adding a workspace name

Creating a Request

In order to create a request type, head to Settings > Request types directory. In there, click on the “New request type” button on the right-hand side.

New request type

You'll be met by the New request type window. In there, you'll see three text boxes: Title, Email, and Description. In the title field, you simply name the request. In the email field you need to provide the address to which emails with request types will arrive. The description is just a description of the request type.

Inviting members

To invite a member to your workspace, head to Settings > Team, and click on the Invite button.

Inviting to Zendo
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