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In this section, you'll learn everything there is to know about Forms.

Roles That Can Use Forms: Admin, Owner

Forms allow you to present and sell your Services on the Order Page. You can customize it to your heart’s desire, from uploading images to including descriptions and extra form fields. Each Form comes with its own URL, so you can send them directly to clients or link to them on your own website. To learn more about the Order Page, read this article.

To access Forms:

click on the Services (box icon) on the left sidebar
a new sidebar will appear with four sections. Find "Order Page" and click on it
on the new subpage, scroll down till you find the "Forms" section

You’ll see a list with all your created Services. You can:

Use the toggle button to hide the Form on your Order Page,
Copy the URL link to send the Form directly to clients,
Edit the Service by clicking on the square icon with an arrow. You'll be taken to Settings.


You can also access individual Forms of specific Services. To learn more about it, read this article.


On this page, you can customize the forms to suit your needs. Here’s what you can do:

Show this Service on the Order Page: use the toggle button to either hide or show this Service on the Order Page.

Copy the link: copy the link to this Form and send it directly to your clients to save time.

Image: to better visualize the service, you can upload an image to either show the promised end results or to showcase your brand. Required dimensions are 1200x720px. If you don’t upload an image, the layout of the Form will be centered. You can use the “Remove” button to delete the image anytime.

Form description: describe the Service in 1500 characters or less. You can list what exactly your Service covers, your terms and conditions, how long your clients will wait for a reply, or anything else you wish. You can format the text by using bold and italics, include a link, create a bullet and ordered lists, and add a blockquote.

editing forms

Order form: here you can see the preview of the part of the Order Page with your Form. Grayed out fields can’t be removed — email address, title, request description, and a field to attach files — but you can add your own form fields to make your clients provide more information and choose their placement on the Order Form.

Form fields: there are four types of Form fields that you can choose from:
— Text field: where you can ask your clients open questions,
— URL/Link: where you can ask your clients to provide a link to specific websites, external resources, files, and so on,
— Single select: where you can provide several options and make your client choose one,
— Multi select: where you can provide several options and make your client choose as many as they want.

editing custom fields

All the types come with Field Labels and Placeholder texts. In the case of Single select and Multi select, you’ll also have the Manage choices section where you can add and remove the choices as well as change their order.

Also, all form fields can be added, edited, and removed anytime, as well as disabled. This option can temporarily hide the form field for as long as you need and use it later on.

To preview your forms, go to your Order Page, either via a direct link or by clicking on the "Preview" button, both of which can be found in the Order Page tab accessed through "Services".

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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