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Social Login

Learn how to turn off the social login option for your clients and team members for a more white label experience.

The Role That Can Turn Off Social Login: Owner

How To Turn Off Social Login?

To turn off social login to your workspace, find the Workspace tab on the left-hand panel and choose General from the drop-down menu. On the new page, stay in the Essentials tab.

Next, switch the toggle next to the Hide social login on sign up and log in pages option to turn off the social login.

Save the changes and your login page will now not include logging in & signing up using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Login With Socials

Login Without Socials

How To Turn On Social Login?

Turning social login off is reversible.

To turn the social login option back on, head back to the White label section in Workspace > General > Essentials, and switch the toggle back next to the Hide social login on sign up and log in pages option.

Save your changes and logging in & signing up with socials will again be available.

If you want to customize your sign up and log in pages further, read our article on white labelling your workspace.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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