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Custom Help Center

In this section, you’ll learn how to personalize your help center link in Zendo.

The Role That Can Set The Custom Help Center: Owner

Swap the Zendo help center link for your own help center so that your clients get a more branded experience and have easy access to your FAQs and knowledge bases.

How To Find And Use The Help Center Feature?

Select the Workspace tab on the left-hand side panel and choose General from the drop-down menu. On the new page, stay on the Essentials tab and scroll down to find the Custom URLs section right under the Logos settings.

Next, enable the custom help center by switching the toggle and set the URL you want to forward your customers to when searching for your help center.

Next, save the changes.

How Can Customers Find My Help Center In Zendo?

Customers can find your personalized help center by clicking on their profile picture icon located on the bottom of the left-hand panel.

After clicking on the profile picture icon, customers can find the Help center button right under the Account Settings. Clicking on it will redirect them to your custom help center, the URL of which you’ve set up in Zendo settings.

You can see how that looks from the client’s perspective using the Impersonation feature.

After swapping the original Zendo help center for your own help center link, it’s the Admins, Managers, Agents, Watchers, and customers who will see the custom URL.

Only workspace Owners and Admins can see both URLs and still reach the Zendo help center after customizing the help center link.

All they have to do is find the Help & Onboarding tab on the left-hand side panel under the Support section.

Note that Zendo’s help center is always available under its URL, i.e., that anyone can access.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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