In this section, you'll get to know what Zendo is and all other important information about it.

What is Zendo?

Zendo is a platform that lets businesses handle customer requests in one place. With configurable request types and statuses, you can effortlessly handle all your client communication and deliveries in one place.

Support tickets, custom requests that require payments, general orders — you name it. With Zendo, there are no limitations other than your imagination.

Gathering information has never been easier!

Zendo is an ideal platform for any business that communicates with their clients online. The best part is that your clients don't have to use Zendo to get all the benefits of the platform. Zendo communication is based on email, therefore your customers can perform all the actions from their inbox — even payments! Of course, if they wish to, they can register and use the platform as well.

Our platform enables easy communication with clients, exchanging files, sending quotes, and keeping customer information in one place. Everyone stays on the same page, no matter how many people are involved.

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