In this section, you will learn about sharing files and sending attachments.

Roles that can access and manage the contents of the section: Owner, Admin, Manager, Agent

Sending Files and Attachments

Sharing files and attachments is a pretty simple process as you can do that from the chat view!

To access files and attachments, go to the Requests section on the left side of the screen (the list icon), then click on the request.

How to share files

To do so, use the clip icon in the message box or simply drag and drop files to the chat window. The files will be uploaded and once sent, they'll be visible to both the operators and the customer.

You can also see all attachments shared inside a specific request in the right info panel. There, you can browse and filter the files.

The customer profile also has an attachment section where you can find all files shared by and with a specific customer.

To access this section, click on the client's avatar, then navigate to the Files.

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