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Rewardful is an affiliate tracking and management platform. Now, you can connect it with Zendo to create your own affiliate and referral programs, as long as you're connected to Stripe at the same time.

Only owners can access these settings.

How To Connect Rewardful

Note that Rewardful isn't part of the Zendo account and a Rewardful subscription is required.

Select the Workspace tab on the left-hand side panel,
From the drop-down menu, choose the General tab,
On the new page, switch to the Integrations tab,
Toggle the "Connect to Rewardful" button,
A new field will appear, where you can enter the Rewardful API Key,
Select the "Connect" button. Now you're all set!

The Rewardful API Key can be found in the company settings of your Rewardful account.

Go back to Rewardful.
It will ask you to choose an "integration partner". From the list, choose: JavaScript (Browser).

In the next step Rewardful will show you a guide "Add Rewardful to your website".
Click on "Ok, I've completed this", as all these steps were done automatically in your Zendo workspace.

How Does It Work

Rewardful works with any type of services. It does not matter if you sell Custom, Productized, or Subscription services. But it will only work, if the payment method for these services was Stripe. It won't work with services where Manual Payment was used.

The integration is very simple. When your affiliates bring you traffic using their referral links, and a customer will purchase a service from you. Zendo will send information about that purchase to the Rewardful system, where it will be attributed accordingly to the right affiliate, and the commission will be calculated.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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