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Premium Tokens

In this section, you'll learn everything there is to know about Premium Tokens.

Roles That Can Use Premium Tokens: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

Premium Tokens allow users on the free plan to use specific Premium features in a restricted capacity.

Payment Request’s Premium Tokens

When creating a Service or a Quote in chat, you can choose for the Payment Requests to be sent automatically after order submission (when creating a Service) or after sending a Quote (in case of creating a Quote in a preexisting Request). You can also choose that option to be a default one for every template in Settings → Finances → General Settings.

If you’re on the paid plan: you have unlimited access to automated Payment Requests,
If you’re on the free plan: you gain 5 Premium Tokens which are renewed automatically each month. You’ll be notified that you’ve used the next-to-last and the last token by email. Once you’ve used all your tokens, you’ll have to send Payment Requests manually.

Note that Agents can use Premium Tokens only when creating new Quotes in the Requests they are assigned to. Meanwhile, only Admins and Owners have access to Services, and only Owners have access to Finances. To learn more about Roles & Permissions, read this article.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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