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Payment Requests

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage Payment Requests in Zendo.

Roles That Can Manage Payment Requests In Zendo: Agent, Manager, Admin, Owner

What Are Payment Requests?

Payment Requests in Zendo are manual and automatic requests sent to customers to help them complete payments.

A Payment Request shows up as a separate message in the Request chat box.

The Payment Request message includes either a purchase button or bank transfer details for customers to complete the payment for your service.

If you choose to use Stripe for payments, your Payment Requests will contain a Pay now button that opens a Stripe checkout for your clients to easily complete payments without having to leave Zendo.

Once a payment has been completed through Stripe, Zendo will automatically mark the Quote for that payment as paid.

If you choose bank transfer for payments, your Payment Requests will contain your bank transfer details that you’ve set in the Payment methods tab of the Finances settings.

Your customers can then make the bank transfer using the shared details.

In case of using bank transfer for payments, you will have to manually mark the Quote for that service as paid once your client confirms making the payment.

You can learn more about Quotes here.

How To Send Payment Requests?

You can send payment requests to your clients through Zendo either automatically or manually.

Automatic Payment Requests

Automatic Payment Requests are a premium feature, available only for paid plans users.

To send automatic Payment Requests choose the option to send the payment request automatically after order submission.

You can choose this option in each Service you create.

You can also choose this option for each manual Quote you create.

The Payment Request for these Quotes is shared with the client automatically after order submission or Quote sent.

Manual Payment Requests

Manual Payment Requests are available for all users, no matter their plan.

You can set for the Payment Requests to be sent manually in each Service you create.

You can also choose the manual option in each manual Quote you’re creating.

Once a Quote has been created and sent to the client, you will see a Send payment request button on the Quote message.

You can also view the Quote and click the Send payment request button inside the Quote.

Once you click on the Send payment request button, the Payment Request will immediately pop in the chat of that Request.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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