In this section, you'll find out every important information about basic settings.

Roles that can access and manage the contents of the section: Owner, Admin

Basic Settings

To access basic settings, navigate to the Settings section by clicking the cog icon on the left side panel.

How to access basic settings

As you can see, the settings are divided into seven sections:

Plan & Billing
Request Types


In the general section, you can find all basic customizations.


Organization Profile

Organization profile settings


Permissions settings

Time and Location

Time and location settings

Standards and Formats

Standards and formats settings


In the notifications tab, you can manage the notifications settings for the workspace.


Here, you'll find your Stripe connection details. To learn how to connect your workspace to Stripe, read this.

Finances settings


This directory displays all of your teammates, their roles, and personal details. From this section, you can invite new members, deactivate accounts, or change their roles.

To invite a new member, click on the Invite button on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to invite a new member

You will be met by the Invite screen. There are two choices you can make. You can either copy and send an invitation link or you can fill out the empty space with the person's email. Lastly, you can choose the role of an invited person - full member or watcher.

You can also sort members by different filters. To access them, click on the Filters button on the right side of the screen, next to the Invite button.

To change role, impersonate, or deactivate a member account, click on the three dots on the right side of the member.

How to change role

Plan & Billing

Here, you can find all the info about your current plan and billing information, as well as the default method of payment, and company details for the invoice.


The plan section allows you to manage your current plan, cancel a subscription, manage team members, change billing period, and view invoices.


In the billing section, you can manage your workspace billing information.

Billing settings


In this section you can manage all of your statuses. To learn how to do that, read this.

Request Types

Here, you can create new request types or manage the existing ones. To learn more on how to do that, read this.
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